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Mochacinno, Hot Chocolate, and The Mighty Fluffy – The Insiders Guide to Coffee #5

It’s time to round up our series of top tips on how to make your own cafe-style favourite drinks at home. If you’ve missed our previous blogs then make sure you read up on all your favourite coffees here. This week we turn the spotlight on the Mochacchino, Hot Chocolate and the all-important Fluffy…


A Mochaccino – also known as a Caffè Mocha – consists of espresso, hot steamed milk and hot chocolate, all topped with a silky textured froth (like we use in our Lattes).

Here at Watery Mouth Café we like ours a little decadent – so we opt to use a ganache made of real chocolate and cream. It makes for a very rich sumptuous drink, we think. Of course, for our valued customers who need gluten-free and dairy-free drink options we also offer a lovely choc syrup which ticks all the boxes.

Then we add a double espresso extracted to 30–50 ml, topped with medium textured velvety frothed milk.

Hot Chocolate

And if you’re not in the mood for coffee, our Hot Chocolate comes highly recommended. Again these divine concoctions are made with our real chocolate and cream ganache. And you can have it with your marshmallows served in the hot chocolate or on the side, as we know the little things matter!

The Fluffy

If you’ve got children, or if you’ve ever taken children out to cafes, you’ll know the importance of the Fluffy – that small cupful can keep little ones entertained for ages (drinking, scooping, licking) while you enjoy your Long Black or Latte.

Our Fluffies are simply pure, frothed milk served with sprinkles on top. (And if you have a preference for a pink or blue sprinkle colour scheme we can usually oblige!) They come served with a marshmallow and a morsel of our famous Watery Mouth Café chocolate slice on the side.


Important question: Free pour or spooning?

Free pour only at our café! The only exception being the fluffy, which we spoon. The reason for this is twofold:

Firstly, we love the perfect microfoam effect that we can retain if free pouring (it’s a professional ‘pride in your work’ thing).

The second is a more practical reason. If spooning, you should use a clean spoon for every new beverage (to prevent contamination), so that would very quickly add up to a whole lot of extra dishes to wash!

So, if you’re a serious home barista you too might opt for pouring – but where you’re not making hundreds of coffees (and therefore having hundreds of extra spoons to wash) there’s no harm in spooning at home either.


Until next time…